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Adobe Illustion, Lens Studio, Snapchat


Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell



About The Project

Graduation design works in 2020. This is an educational poster that combines AR technology with the theme of opposing the expansion of nuclear weapons around the world. Using AR technology to attract people’s attention and let people pick up their phones and use Snapchat to gradually understand the hazards of different stages after nuclear weapons explosions and induce people to click to visit the ICRC No-To-Nukes website to make the website get more attention. If you are interested in my work, please scan the QR code with your Snapchat!

Closing Thoughts

AR poster is a good idea. It gives people another way to observe. With the rise of technology, I fable that many such printed products will appear in the future.

Regarding this project, its progress is not as difficult as I imagined, but due to time constraints, I did not think of a good plan to combine illustrations and texts, making the text on the screen too crowded and affecting the reading experience.

In summary, this is a bold and interesting attempt and this project successfully won an A+.

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